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History of Oklahoma Highway Bridges

The Historic Bridges of Oklahoma



• Bridge Types By Decade
• Fabricators/Builders of Oklahoma Truss Bridges
• Map of NRHP-Eligible Pony Truss Bridges
• Map of NRHP-Eligible Through Truss Bridges
• Map of NRHP-Eligible Mixed & Deck Truss Bridges
• Map of NRHP-Eligible Masonry Bridges
• NRHP Eligible Bridges By Fabricator/Builder
• Key To Printout
• Tabular List Of Inventoried Bridges

Fabricators/Builders of Oklahoma Truss Bridges

This list shows the builders whose structures were documented by the study.  The number, therefore, must remain only a fraction of the companies and individuals who built bridges in the state, but whose spans have not survived or were not determined as to the builder.  Locations are for main offices or the addresses most frequently used.

	Alderman, E. S.			Oklahoma City, OK
	Alderson, John
	Altman-Rogers			McAlester, OK
	American Bridge Co.		New York, NY
	Amis Construction Co.		Oklahoma City, OK
	Austin Brothers Bridge Co.		Dallas, TX
	Barber, E. E. & Co.			Ft. Smith, AR
	Beaty, James
	Boardman Co.			Oklahoma City, OK
	Bras, Glenn E.			Muskogee, OK
	Brewer-McMichael, Inc.		Holdenville, OK
	Briscoe Construction Co.		Stillwater, OK
	Bybee Construction Co.		Woodward, OK
	Campbell Brothers			Kansas City, MO
	Cannady, H. L.
	Canton Bridge Co.			Canton, OH
	Central Concrete & Construction Co.	Canton, OH
	Central States Bridge Co.		Indianapolis, IN
	Civilian Conservation Corps. (CCC)	Washington, D.C.
	Classen & Venable			Beaver, OK
	Collins, Tom			Cushing, OK
	Concrete and Steel Construction Co.	Joplin, MO
	Constant, C. S.
	Crook, J. A.			Falls City, NE
	Diver, James B.			Keokuk, IO
	Dunning, Charles M. Construction Co.	Oklahoma City, OK
	El Reno Construction Co.		El Reno, OK
	Evans, S. E.			Ft. Smith, AR
	Fike, E. G. & Son			Tulsa, OK
	Fisher, L. S.			Woodward, OK
	Fisher Construction Co.		Norman, OK
	Ford, F. D.			Cordell, OK
	Frost Construction Co.		Hydro, OK
	Gaines Brothers			Oklahoma City, OK
	Gaines, Yeokum & Mackey		Oklahoma City, OK
	General Construction Co.		St. Louis, MO
	Gillioz, M. E. 			Monett, MO
	Gragg Construction Co.		Henryetta, OK
	Green Beekman			Oklahoma City, OK
	Gudgel & McVey
	Hancock, George
	Harris, Lee			Cushing, OK
	Haynes & Box
	Henryetta Costruction Co.		Henryetta, OK
	Herber, Mike			Ponca City, OK
	Hopper, J. W.			Oklahoma City, OK
	Howard, C. K. & Co.			Oklahoma City, OK
	Hudson & Watson
	Hughes, R. K.			Tulsa, Ok
	Hyde Construction Co.		Enid, OK
	Illinois Steel Bridge Co.		Jacksonville, IL
	J. B. Klein Iron and Foundry Co.	Oklahoma City, OK
	James Brothers			Cordell, OK
	James, Guy H.			Oklahoma City, OK
	James, W. L.
	Jno. Gilligan Construction Co.		Falls City, NE
	Johnston, W. R.			Weleetka, OK
	Joliet Bridge & Iron Co.		Joliet, IL
	Kadane Construction Co.		Frederick, OK
	Kansas City Bridge Co.		Kansas City, MO
	Keck, G. E.			Fairview, OK
	Keliher Construction Co.		Dallas, TX
	King Bridge Co.			Cleveland, OH
	Landon, C. G.			Oklahoma City, OK
	Ledford & Way
	List & Weatherly			Kansas City, MO
	Lyle Buckner, Inc.
	Mackey, L. M.			Wagoner, OK
	Mann Co.
	Massillon Bridge & Structural Steel	Massillon, OH
	Master, E. E.
	Mathews, J. O.
	Merveldt & Lawson			El Reno, OK
	Midland Bridge & Iron Co.		Kansas City, MO
	Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co.	Leavenworth, KS
	Monarch Engineering Co.		Falls City, NE
	Montgomery, W. R.
	Moore, J. A.			Muskogee, OK
	Moorman, C. C.			Hominy, OK
	Moran & Buckner			Muskogee, OK
	Muskogee Iron Works		Muskogee, OK
	Myers & Hunt
	Myers, L. E.			Dallas, TX
	Nims & Frost			Hydro, OK
	Oklahoma Iron Works		Tulsa, OK
	Oklahoma Paving Co.		Oklahoma City, OK
	Oklahoma State Highway Dept.	Oklahoma City, OK
	Ottinger, T. C.			Hinton, OK
	Pan-American Bridge Co.		Newcastle, IN
	Park Ward Co.			Oklahoma City, OK
	Patterson Steel Co.			Oklahoma City, OK
	Pennsylvania Steel Co.		Steelton, PA
	Pharoah Co.			Henryetta, OK
	Pioneer Construction Co.		Kansas City, MO
	Plains Construction Co.		Oklahoma City, OK
	Poole, Lee & Sons			Fairview, OK
	Pyle, Duard			Oklahoma City, OK
	Raines, J. A.			Muskogee, OK
	Roberts & Fisher			Norman, OK
	Rochester Bridge Co.		Rochester, IN
	Rock, C. R. Construction Co.
	Rucks-Brandt Construction Co.		Tulsa, OK
	Sampley, D. C.
	Sanders, Leo
	Schlicter Bridge Co.
	Sherman Machine & Iron Works	Oklahoma City, OK
	Southwestern Bridge & Culvert Co.	Oklahoma City, OK
	Standard Paving Co.		Tulsa, OK
	Stebbins Construction Co.		Tulsa, OK
	Stone Construction Co.		Clinton, OK
	Stone Johnson Co.
	Stupp Brothers Bridge & Iron Co.	St. Louis, MO
	Sutherland, George			Purcell, OK
	Taylor & Majors			Ardmore, OK
	Thompson, Jim S.			Oklahoma City, OK
	Toledo Massillon Bridge Co.		Massillon, OH
	Topeka Bridge & Iron Co.		Topeka, KS
	Tway, R. R., Inc.			Oklahoma City, OK
	U.S. Dept. of Interior, Indian Affairs	Washington, D.C.
	Vincennes Bridge Co.		Vincennes, IN
	Virginia Bridge Co.			Roanoke, VA
	Watson, F. E.			Ardmore, OK
	Wenzel, Joe			Hobart, OK
	Western Construction Co.
	Whitson & Kirby			Ardmore, OK
	Wichita Construction Co.		Wichita, KS
	Woodward Construction Co.		Woodward, OK
	Works Project Administration (WPA)	Washington, D.C.
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