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List of Figures



History of Oklahoma Highway Bridges

The Historic Bridges of Oklahoma




List of Figures

  1. Map of inventoried bridges
  2. Early bridges across the Arkansas River
  3. Converted railroad truss in LeFlore County
  4. Crossings on the Neosho River at Miami about 1901
  5. Suspension bridge at Noble
  6. A Sturgis suspension bridge
  7. Lexington-Purcell Toll Bridge in 1921
  8. The Norman Toll Bridge in 1918
  9. Surviving span from the Norman bridge
  10. Manufacturing truss bridges c1900
  11. Unloading a truss bridge
  12. Bridge agent Joseph W. Hoover
  13. Bid for building truss bridges
  14. Plans for a three span through truss
  15. Parker truss near Skiatook
  16. Ornamental builder plate
  17. Builder plate from Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co
  18. The Boardman Company factory
  19. Sketch of 11th Street Bridge in Tulsa
  20. 11th Street Bridge in 1930s
  21. Washington County bedstead truss
  22. Cylinder piers on through truss
  23. 1925 map of state highways
  24. First federal aid bridge
  25. The Newcastle Bridge in the 1940s
  26. An early view of the Calvin Bridge, Hughes County
  27. Early bridge at Taloga
  28. Lake Hudson bridge
  29. South Canadian River bridge on old U.S. 66
  30. Specifications for Bridgeport bridge
  31. Erecting a truss bridge
  32. Constructing a concrete arch
  33. Luten-style concrete arch
  34. Caney River bridge at Bartlesville
  35. 21st Street Bridge in Tulsa
  36. Relocating a truss
  37. Stone arch in Ada
  38. Railroad overpass at Stilwell
  39. Sailboat Bridge on Grand Lake
  40. Oklahoma-Texas "bridge war"
  41. Collapsed truss
  42. King Post bridge, Lincoln County
  43. Small Pratt pony truss in Garfield County
  44. 1902 Pratt truss leg bedstead
  45. Builder plate from Midland Bridge Company
  46. Truss leg bedstead
  47. Detail on half-hip truss
  48. Cotter pin fastener
  49. 1910 Pratt pony truss
  50. Decorative finial and coverplate
  51. Pratt half-hip in Blaine County
  52. Parker pony truss in Kay County
  53. Red River Bridge near Waurika
  54. Boardman Company truss
  55. Drawing of standard Warren pony truss
  56. Curved chord pony truss
  57. Warren bedstead in Tulsa County
  58. Double-intersection Warren pony truss
  59. The Stepp Ford Bridge at Commerce
  60. Pratt through truss
  61. Modified Pratt through truss
  62. Reuse of a Parker truss in Tulsa
  63. Camelback through truss
  64. Modified Parker through truss at Fort Gibson
  65. Warren through truss, LeFlore County
  66. Oldest documented bridge in Oklahoma
  67. Double-intersection Warren through truss
  68. K-truss in Okmulgee County
  69. Ripley Bridge across the Cimarron River
  70. Mixed truss bridge in Nowata County
  71. 1927 view of Belford Bridge over the Arkansas River
  72. Two span pony truss
  73. Verdigris River bridge at Sageeyah
  74. Concrete arch in Oklahoma City
  75. Tishomingo concrete arch bridge
  76. Tulsa's 11th Street Bridge in 1992
  77. Washington County Memorial Bridge
  78. Rainbow arch in Pottawatomie County
  79. Limestone arch near Newkirk
  80. Lake Murray stone arch
  81. Stone arch in Mayes County

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By Joseph E. King
Center For Historic Preservation & Technology
Texas Tech University

Prepared as Part of an Investigation
Conducted By The
Center For Historic Preservation & Technology
Texas Tech University

Sponsered By The
Planning Division
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
State Of Oklahoma
and the Federal Highway Administration

June 1993

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