Engineering Manager: Ginger McGovern, PE (405) 521-2867
Assistant Safety Engr.: Matt Warren, PE (405) 521-3946
EIT: Jessica Avery (405) 522-0985

Collision DATA Specialists:
TS VI Supervisor: "Vacant"
Transportation Specialist III: Tina Payton (405) 522-8678
Transportation Specialist II: Latisha Harris (405) 521-4154
Transportation Specialist II: Alyssa Reddick (405) 522-3798
Transportation Specialist I: Michael Flynn (405) 521-4160

Mailing Address: Traffic Engineering Division
Collision Analysis and Speed Studies
200 N.E. 21st Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Location: Oklahoma Department of Transportation Bldg.
Room 2A-7
200 N.E. 21st Street
Oklahoma City, OK
Email: Collision Analysis Email

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation works closely with The University of Oklahoma Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Laboratory and with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety in supplying the data used in the SAFE-T crash reporting system that is maintained by the ITS Laboratory to catalogue and analyze roadway collisions in the state of Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety's Records Management Division maintains accident reports received from state and local law enforcement agencies. and then forwards those reports to ODOT's Traffic Division, Collision Analysis and Speed Studies branch. Those reports are entered into a database which is forwarded to The University of Oklahoma ITS Laboratory and maintained in the SAFE-T crash reporting system.

The reports generated by the SAFE-T system are used by local and state govenments in the state of Oklahoma to identify traffic problem areas and plan roadway changes.

Local and state governments may request a SAFE-T collision analysis report from us by submitting the desired location to us in writing and supplying a map showing the exact area in question.

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