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Scheduled Events

January began ODOT’s celebration of a century. We aren’t just commemorating the four who began this odyssey in order to improve Oklahoma’s roads. We honor each other for the ways we all contributed to our mission of safe, economical and effective transportation. And, we consider the amazing future that will come to those who follow.

The commemoration may have begun in January, but it will last all year and will come in many forms from picnics to books, from educational displays to recognition of retirees. Many of these projects are being coordinated by our Media and Public Relations office, but the celebration really belongs to us all.

The events are currently being finalized, so check back soon for updates and scheduled events in your area.

ODOT Day at Science Museum Oklahoma

10 a.m. to 4 p.m., 2100 N.E. 52nd, Oklahoma City

Equipment display & demonstrations in parking lot, along with discounted admission and transportation related activities inside

ODOT Public Open Houses

June 2 (Thurs.)- Clinton, Division 5

June 8 (Wed.) - Perry, Division 4

June 15 (Wed.) - Oklahoma City Headquarters

July 13 (Wed.) - Muskogee, Division 1

Sept. 15 (Thurs.) - Buffalo, Division 6

Sept. 22 (Thurs.) - Antlers, Division 2

Sept. 23 (Fri.) - Tulsa, Division 8

October 28 (Fri.) - Ada, Division 3

Nov. 9 (Wed.) - Duncan, Division 7

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