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Regardless of the type of work that is going on, reconstruction, widening, etc., work zones will have a lower speed limit than open highway. Please observe the posted speed limit and be especially alert in work zones.

The following road work descriptions will give you an idea of what to expect when you encounter them. The amount of delay and congestion depends on overall traffic volume, time of day and how many miles the project extends. Also, accidents in constricted traffic areas can cause significant delays.

  • Reconstruction: The highway is being rebuilt. Some lanes may be shut down for work while others remain open to keep traffic flowing. Sometimes, in high volume areas, traffic will be rerouted.
  • Parallel Lanes: New lanes are being built to increase the capacity of the highway. There is usually little interruption to existing traffic, except for lower speed limits because of workers and equipment in the area.
  • Construction on new alignment: Usually only affects traffic with lower speed limits and some construction where the project ties into existing highway.
  • Surfacing/Resurfacing/Overlay: Adding pavement over existing road structure. Will have lane closures and a lower speed limit.
  • Bridge work: New bridges will normally be built alongside existing ones, with little in the way of delays. Work on existing bridges, such as rehabilitation and resurfacing, will include lane closures. Replacing an existing bridge will sometimes require rerouting traffic at the site.
  • Widening, Shoulders: Usually require some lane closures, but typically for only portions of the project length.

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