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Trash graph:

Students: Collect litter from around your school grounds. Make sure you wear gloves. When you have collected several different types of litter, bring your trash to a designated area. Record the different types of litter you have collected. For example, how many pieces of paper, aluminum, plastic, and other products did you collect? After you have recorded your categories and amounts, make a graph to record chart your findings. What are ways to reduce different categories of trash at school? Remember to throw your litter away when you are finished.

Teachers: First you will need to determine what part of your school grounds has the most litter. Take your students to this area to collect their litter. Supply them with latex gloves or ask them to bring gardening gloves from home. You may want to designate an area outside for them to record what types of litter and the amounts of each type that they found. Then have the students throw the litter away and return to the classroom to graph their findings. Not only is this a good math project, but it also helps clean up your school grounds.

HOMENews and MediaKeep Our Land GrandMath Projects