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Teachers: Take pictures of your students and post them on a bulletin board inside/outside your classroom with the headline "We’re Too Cool to Litter." Children love to have their pictures displayed, so incorporate photos into any of the activities you can during Green Days.

Teachers: Encourage students to always throw their litter away. Also encourage them to keep all their areas clean: their desk, classroom, homes, yard, or bedroom. Remind them that all of these areas are a reflection of themselves. They should take pride in these areas and that means keeping them litter–free.

Teachers: Supply your students with latex gloves and send them on a litter scavenger hunt on the school grounds. They will be amazed at the different types of litter they will find.

Teachers: Help students adopt an area to keep clean inside your school or on school grounds. Post a sign that reads, for example, "This Area Is Litter–Free, Thanks To Mrs. Johnson’s 3rd Grade Class."

Teachers: Encourage your students to carry litter–free lunches to school. Remind them to pack their lunches in items that can be reused or recycled rather than thrown away.

HOMENews and MediaKeep Our Land GrandClassroom Activities