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Trash Art Contest:

Students: Create art out of pieces of litter.

Teachers: Help students collect pieces of litter for their projects and find examples of trash art or sculptures made from items that would be considered trash. Ask them to think of other ways to reduce, recycle or reuse trash.

Decorate local business windows:

Students: Paint windows with pictures or words to encourage people to not litter. Use the Oklahoma, Keep Our Land Grand slogan to promote Oklahoma’s anti–litter campaign.

Teachers: Ask local businesses to donate supplies and in return your students will decorate their windows. Ask your local chamber of commerce to recommend businesses that might also be interested. Parents of students in your school who own their own businesses might be prospects. Students can also paint the windows of your school or other schools in your district. Make sure displays are positive.

Mural painting/drawing:

Students: Half of the class will draw or paint a landscape mural that is litter–free. The other half of the class will draw or paint a landscape mural that is full of litter. Display murals in your school so other students will notice how beautiful landscape is when it’s litter–free.

Teachers: Teachers: Assist one half of your class in painting a landscape mural that is litter–free; assist the other half of the class in painting a landscape mural full of litter. Display them in your school so the rest of the student body will recognize the difference litter–free can make.

Paper towel tube art carrier:

Students: Bring an empty paper towel tube to school. Decorate the tube with markers, paint, construction paper, etc. Write your name on it so you can take it back and forth between school and home with your papers rolled up in it.

Teachers: Teachers: The purpose of the tube is to transport the student's papers and art projects rolled up in the tube so the papers aren’t damaged. Make sure the students have art supplies to decorate the tubes. This teaches students a practical exercise in reusing products.

Poster Contest:

Students: Design an anti–litter poster to be entered in the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s poster contest. The deadline for the poster contest is usually in late January. For more information, contact ODOT’s Beautification Office at (405) 521–4037.

Teachers: Help students design anti–litter posters. Enter your students’ posters in the poster contest through the Beautification Office. Corporate sponsors donate prize money to the state winners. The poster is printed for distribution to schools, businesses, chambers of commerce, etc.

Advertising Campaign:

Students: Develop and implement an advertising campaign to promote litter prevention in the state of Oklahoma. Some possible components could be radio commercials, TV commercials, slogans, or a character who would help promote your campaign.

Teachers: Assist students in conceptualizing and implementing an advertising campaign. Consider holding a contest for the best campaign.

T-shirt Decorating:

Students: Design and decorate T–shirts with an anti–litter theme. Your school could pick one and have it mass–produced or each student could design his or her own.

Teachers: Assist students in designing and decorating T–shirts. Give any necessary guidelines to your students, such as types of materials to use for durability.

HOMENews and MediaKeep Our Land GrandArt Projects