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  • The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) spends more than $4 million per year to pick up litter.
  • It costs more than $63 per mile for state highway departments to remove litter.
  • In efforts to keep Oklahoma clean, a toll–free anti–litter hotline is in service. To report litterers, Oklahomans can call 1 –888–5–LITTER.
  • There are more than 1,000 Adopt–A–Highway volunteer groups. They pick up litter on the right–of–way four times each year.
  • Each year, ODOT sponsors "TRASH–OFF," when volunteers, including Adopt–A–Highway groups, pick up litter statewide on one Saturday in April.
  • Oklahoma has more than 2,400 illegal dumps.
  • County commissioners estimate the one–time cleanup cost for illegal dumps is $4 million.
  • Sixty percent of litter is deliberate.
  • People litter when they feel no sense of ownership.
  • A primary source of litter on state highways is the result of uncovered loads in pickups, flatbeds and dump trucks.
  • Roughly 55 percent of all littering occurs along rural and urban highways.
  • Trash creates a bad impression for our state and it presents a health hazard for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Roadside trash not only hampers tourism for the state, but also adversely impacts economic growth in the state.
  • Illegal dumps present a poor state image to visitors and potential investors, as well as residents.
  • Pedestrians, primarily younger than 25, account for greater than 76 percent of all littering in parks, roadside parks or recreational areas.

HOMENews and MediaKeep Our Land GrandLitter Facts