June 26, 2002

These captions are to photos with corresponding titles and may be found on the I-40 Bridge Picture Gallery. High-quality prints are available at the same location under Media Pictures.

Memorial site looking toward bridge

With the fallen I-40 bridge in the background, the memorial to the victims of the barge crash one month ago stands in the riverside park in Webbers Falls. Mementos decorate the fence in silent tribute to those killed that Sunday morning.

Cherokee Principal Chief Chad Smith talks to media

Chad Smith, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation talks with the media on the one-month anniversary of the I-40 bridge disaster. From left are Transportation Secretary Herschal Crow, Tribal Council Member Don Garvin, Chief Smith and ODOT Director Gary Ridley.

View from eastside of entire westside area

New piers take shape as Gilbert Central Corporation, primary contractor for the reconstruction of the destroyed part of the I-40 bridge, replaces the support for the fallen section. Gilbert is working under a short, intense and carefully monitored contract to get traffic flowing again in August.