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June 19, 2002, 2:30 p.m.

I-40 Bridge Hit Update

* Very early in the process, we gave an estimate of $15 million to reconstruct the bridge. As time goes on this figure will change based on contracts awarded for maintenance projects on the detour routes. We are adjusting the estimate at this time to be closer to $25 million. Please keep in mind that these are estimates. While we are working diligently to provide accurate information in this area, this is a fluid process. As adjustments are made to the estimates, we will let you know. The final cost will not be available until the project is complete.

* Jensen Construction has completed the demolition phase and debris removal. They are moving off of the site today. Gilbert Central Corp. is now working in the entire area.

* Construction has been underway since earlier this week. They have built a road into the work area on the west side. They are extending this road into the water and have started drilling the pier shafts.

* Work has also begun on the deck on the east side of the Arkansas River.

* Work orders were issued June 15 for four (4) maintenance projects on the detour routes. These are asphalt resurfacing projects and should be complete before July 4.

* Contracts are expected to be awarded at the July commission meeting for 6 additional maintenance projects on the detour routes.

* Safety improvements on three railroad crossings in Gore are scheduled for Friday, June 21. They are installing crossing gates, additional signs, pavement markings (rumble strips) and striping. The improvements are being made as a preventive measure. These crossings average 18 trains daily.


The I-40 bridge construction site will be open to the media tomorrow, June 20, for the opportunity to view, take pictures or footage of Gilbert Central Construction building the new I-40 bridge. This photo op will take place on the east side of the river. We will meet on the eastbound lanes at 12:40. We will group there first and shortly before 1 p.m., you will follow us in your own vehicles as close as possible to the work area. We will not be able to drive into the work area so please be prepared to walk about 1/4 mile. (Please use your smaller vehicles, the area cannot accommodate satellite trucks!)

This is not a press conference, rather a photo-op, however engineers will be on site to answer any questions. Because of the amount of equipment and supplies on the west side of the river, it is not possible for us to get close enough to the work site for photos. The area on the east side will give you a better view of the work area and will also provide a different angle than what has previously been shown.

What: I-40 Bridge photo-op
When: meet at 12:40 p.m. Thursday, June 20 and photo on bridge from 1 to 1:30 p.m.
Where: at the gate on the eastbound lanes of I-40, on the east side of the river

Directions: Take the US-64 detour route east to Gore. At Gore, go north on SH-100 and then South on SH-10 rejoining I-40 at exit 291 on the east side of the river. Go through the gates and enter I-40 on the eastbound lanes (these lanes are closed to traffic), and make a u-turn so that you are driving west on the eastbound lanes. We will meet you at the second set of gates and lead you closer to the river. Because of the construction we will not be able to drive to the end of the bridge, so be prepared to walk about 1/4 mile.