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June 5, 2002, 3:30 p.m.


I-40 Bridge Hit Update for June 5


* Crews continued breaking up the concrete on the span in the water. This work will continue tonight. Depending on their progress, they may also begin to remove this debris from the river.


* The preliminary work on the eastern portions of the bridge began today on the span resting on the barges. They are using the concrete shears to remove portions of the bridge decking. This is a very slow process but work is proceeding as planned. Both the bridge and the barges are reacting as anticipated. This work will continue this evening until dark and will resume in the morning.


* At this time, we have moved approximately 2,000 tons of debris to a staging area located at the site for removal at a later date. The disposal of this debris is the responsibility of the contractor.


*To maintain the traffic flow and assure driver safety, ODOT is keeping a close eye on the detour routes. Since the two-lane facilities werent designed for the heavy traffic flow, some bridges are being upgraded and additional paving material will be overlaid. To keep track of the actual number of vehicles, ODOT personnel are making up a traffic count map, available soon, that will provide better information for planning detour maintenance.


* New digital photos of the site will be available later this evening on our website, www.okladot.state.ok.us, along with detour route information. We appreciate your assistance in referring people to this site when planning travel routes.