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June 4, 2002, 4:40  p.m.

I-40 Bridge Hit Update for June 4

* Most of the debris from the west end of the bridge has been removed from the site.

* Last night crews knocked down the remaining piers and began breaking up the concrete on the span in the water. This work will continue tonight. Depending on their progress, they may also begin to remove this debris from the river.

*The Magnolia Marine Company is completing the stabilization of the barges in hopes that preliminary work on the eastern portions of the bridge can begin this evening on the span resting on the barge.

* If the preliminary work goes well this evening, our engineers hope to start significant efforts on the demolition of span tomorrow.

Reminder: A combination of demolition devices are being used including a wrecking ball, some explosives, concrete shears and other cutting devices to meet the different demolition needs at the site. Because this is a controlled process, no massive blasts are planned.

* Maintenance work continues on the detour. Two bridges on the eastbound detour, one on SH-2 south of Warner and one on SH-9 in the Whitefield area are having shoes replaced under the bridge decks. This will not affect traffic and is being done as a precautionary move because of the heavy detour traffic.