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Mark 'Buzz' Bradshaw Packsaddle Bridge
Roger Mills & Ellis County
Bridge over the south Canadian River on the Roger Mills/Ellis County line,
North of Roll on US283
H. C. Res. 1026, Okla. Session Laws 1979, pg. 945.

Old Greer County Highway
Greer County
From the North Fork of the Red River south to the Texas State line on US 283
S. C. Res. 75, Okla. Session Laws 1996, pg. 1947;
Commission Item 139 (E), 8-5-96

File Reference
Item Action
06/22/1931 1   Original designation from the Texas State Line via Altus,
Mangum, Sayre, Cheyenne, Arnett, Shattuck and
Rosston to the Kansas State Line
10/01/1951 2 656 SH 15 designation added from Jct. 283 south to
Jct. Old SH 15
04/07/1958 3 256 SH 5 designation added from Elmer north to
Jct. SH 5 east
07/14/1958 4 433 Relocation Sayre south
06/01/1970 5 111a Relocation south of Sayre
12/02/1985 6 216c Relocation north of Roll across south Canadian River
12/02/1985 7 216b Relocation at Cheyenne
02/02/2004 8 23a Relocation north of Blair and SH 6 designation removed

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