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Pearl Harbor Memorial Expressway
Tulsa County
Between Memorial Drive in the City of Tulsa and the Tulsa County line on US 169
H. C. Res. 1007, Okla. Session Laws 2001; Commission Item 112 (B), 7-2-01

File Reference
Item Action
06/17/1935 1   Original designation from Tulsa via Collinsville and
Nowata to the Kansas State Line
05/05/1937 2   Relocation in Tulsa through Mohawk Park
05/07/1943 3   Addition from 15th Street and Peoria in Tulsa south
to Jct. SH 67 near Glenpool
11/12/1957 4 782 Proposed addition from Glenpool via Okmulgee,
Henryetta, Weleetka, Wetumka, Calvin, Ada,
Tishomingo to Madill
01/13/1958 5 10 Relocation in Tulsa on one-way streets (18th and
Boston and 15th and Boulder)
05/05/1958 6 299 Proposed addition (extension) to Madill
08/28/1959 7 E342g US 75 designation added from Union Place and Sapulpa
Road in Tulsa south to Jct. SH 138 in Glenpool. Extend
designation US 169 south to Henryetta
08/05/1963 8 192g Relocation Kansas State Line south
09/04/1963 9 233b Relocation Owasso south
12/06/1965 10 264a Designation removed from Henryetta north to Jct. I-44
12/01/1969 11 273b Relocation Lenapah north
06/05/1972 12 107a Relocation Delaware to Lenapah
07/14/1981 13 116c Additon from I-44 south to 71st Street in Tulsa
11/03/1986 14 177a Extension on Mingo Valley Freeway south to Memorial
Drive and SH 117 relocated onto Creek Freeway in Tulsa
01/03/1989 15 5 Relocation of between Owasso and Collinsville
11/04/1991 16 177 Extension of US 169 and relocation of US 64 on Mingo
Valley Freeway in Tulsa
  17   Relocation at Oologah (Not Commision Approved)
09/08/1998 18 162 Relocation east of Collinsville

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