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• alt - Alternate
• bp - ByPass
• bus - Business
• lp - Loop
• nw - Northwest Passage
• sc - Scenic
• sp - Spur
• st - Stub
• t - Temporary
• tr - Truck Route

US Highway 75



Action 1  Original designation from the Texas State Line via Colbert, Durant, Atoka, Coalgate, Calvin, Henryetta, Okmulgee, Sapulpa, Tulsa and Bartlesville to the Kansas State Line

Action 2  Relocation in Tulsa

Action 3  Relocation in Tulsa

Action 4  Rejection of rerouting in Okmulgee

Action 5  Relocation in Tulsa on one-way streets

Action 6  Relocation south of Bartlesville south

Action 7  Relocation from north of Caddo north towards Tushka

Action 8  Relocation in Bartlesville

Action 9  SH 67 designation removed from Kiefer north to Sapulpa

Action 10  Relocation Okmulgee County Line west

Action 11  Relocation between Tulsa and Sapulpa

Action 12  Relocation Bartlesville north to Dewey

Action 13  Relocation Okmulgee north

Action 14  Relocation from Henryetta west to the Okfuskee County Line

Action 15  Relocation north of Okmulgee north to Preston

Action 16  Relocation from Tulsa south to Preston. Redesignate old US 75 as US 75 Alternate. New US 75 follows SH 138

Action 17  Relocation west of Colbert and in Calera

Action 18  Relocation south of Wetumka

Action 19  Relocation from west of Collinsville north to Ramona

Action 20  Remove SH 138 designation from Glenpool to Preston

Action 21  Relocation from Tulsa to Owasso

Action 22  Relocation Henryetta north

Action 23  Relocation Henryetta west

Action 24  Relocation in Tulsa south

Action 25  Relocation in Tulsa from I-244 north to SH 20 west of Collinsville "Cherokee Expressway"

Action 26  Relocation from Calera north to north of Durant (See action #31)

Action 27  Deletion from US 62 south to I-40 at Pharoah. US 62 designation added from I-40 in Henryetta north to US 266. Old US 75 in Henryetta redesignated as US 75 Business Route

Action 28  Relocation Calvin north across South Canadian River

Action 29  Relocation from south of Copan north

Action 30  Relocation in Tulsa

Action 31  Relocation in Durant (See action # 26)

Action 32  Relocation from north of Copan north to the Kansas State Line

Action 33  Relocation northeast of Wetumka at North Canadian River

Action 34  Relocation from Cunty Line thru Caddo to Armstrong

Action 35  SH 11 designation added in Tulsa south of 36th Street

Action 36  Relocation south of Okmulgee

Action 37  Local Access Road removal in Glenpool

Action 38  Remove all signs designating US Highway 169, between US Highway 266 at Henryetta and 1-44 at Tulsa. This segment of road will be signed as US Highway 75.

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