HOMEPublic MeetingsOtherMeeting 04/16/2013
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DATE:  April 16, 2013
TIME:  6:00 PM
LOCATION:  Monroe Elementary School
1601 McGee Dr.,
Norman, OK 73072


    The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) will be reconstructing the Interstate 35 and State Highway 9E interchange in Norman beginning in the summer of 2013. This project was included in the Environmental Assessment (EA) completed in September 2011 prepared for the I-35 South improvement project between Main Street in Norman and SH-9W, Cleveland and McClain Counties. The EA had identified the need for noise mitigation in the form of a free standing noise wall along a portion of Southern Hills and West Additions. Those that have received a letter are either a property owner or resident at a property benefitted by this proposed sound wall, meaning that location would receive a noise level reduction in the future condition.

Project design has advanced to a point in completing an updated noise barrier analysis. As currently planned, the noise wall is to be constructed within SH-9E right-of-way immediately south of the neighborhood to effectively reduce the future noise levels. This sound wall consists of approximately 1,534 feet in length with an average height of 9.7 feet. As currently proposed, this wall is to be constructed 3-feet south of the existing right-of-way line. Enclosed is an aerial map depicting the proposed noise wall location and the immediate noise study area.

The final determination to include a noise barrier as a part of this project requires input as a benefitted home owner and/or resident. ODOT will be conducting an informational meeting to present the proposed noise mitigation and answer questions. The meeting is scheduled for 6:00 pm, Thursday, April 16, 2013 at Monroe Elementary 1601 McGee Drive in Norman. This meeting will provide information to those residents directly adjacent to the proposed sound regarding noise wall design and construction, potential utility involvement and any associated temporary or permanent easement needs, and property owner fencing considerations. Representatives from ODOT and City of Norman will be present to answer questions.

In accordance with ODOT Noise Policy, the decision on whether to construct the noise wall will be based on the preference indicated by 51 percent or more of the benefitted property owners and residents. Please complete the enclosed ballot and place in the provided self-address envelope and return to ODOT by April 30, 2013. Your attendance at the neighborhood meeting is not required, but your vote is needed. You may submit your ballot any time before the deadline. Please know that a ballot not received by this date will be considered a “no” vote.

HOMEPublic MeetingsOtherMeeting 04/16/2013