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History of Oklahoma Highway Bridges

The Historic Bridges of Oklahoma
Steel Truss Bridges
• King Post Pony
• Small Pratt (3 panel) Pony
• Truss Leg Bedstead Pony
• Pratt Pony
• Pratt Half-Hip Pony
• Parker Pony
• Camel Back Pony
• Warren w/ Verticals Pony
• Warren w/ Polygonal Top Chord Pony
• Warren Bedstead Pony
• Double Intersection Warren Pony
• Pratt Through
• Modified Pratt Through
• Parker Through
• Camelback Through
• Modified Parker Through
• Warren Through
• K-Truss
• Deck Truss
• Mixed Truss

Concrete and Stone Bridges
• Concrete Arch
• Rainbow Arch
• Stone Arch





    1909	Craig		18E0230N4340002	  Illinois Steel Br.
    1911	Muskogee	51E0930N4140009	  Vincennes Br.
    1914	Muskogee	51E0950N4130009	  Missouri Valley Br.
    1916	Osage		57N3533E0300002	  Missouri Valley Br.

  Engineers altered the Warren truss as they did the Pratt, through their sucess, as measured by use within Oklahoma, did not reach the same proportions as with the Pratts.  The most common change saw the curving of the top chord to achieve greater length and more economy without sacrificing strength; a polygonal chord Warren could be built to 140 feet as a rule.  Never a standard state design, most of this type originated in the counties between 1909 and 1920 (Figure 56).  The oldest documented example was built northwest of Vinita in 1909 by Illinois Steel Bridge, a 133-foot riveted span with verticals.  The typical structural plan employed channel beams for the top chord, braced angle in the bottom chord, and laced angles for diagonals.  Gusset plates reinforced the joints on most of these spans.

Figure 56. Indiana's  
Vincennes Bridge  
Company built Bridge  
51E0930N4140009 in  
1911.  A heavily built,  
80-foot Warren pony  
truss with a polygonal  
top chord, it spans a  
creek near Boynton in  
Muskogee County.  

Indiana's Vincennes Bridge Company built Bridge 51E0930N4140009 in 1911.  A heavily built, 80-foot Warren pony truss with a polygonal top chord, it spans a creek near Boynton in Muskogee County.

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