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Coordinate System
Layer Datum


Please Note: Files will expand larger than the zip file that you download. Right click on the file and 'save target as' or 'save link as' to download.
Files are structured so that you may download an individual layer or as a complete package.

Layer Size Date Description
Airports 0.1mb 8/2008 The locations of known public, municipal, and county airports in Oklahoma.

Airport Runways 0.1mb 8/2008 Digital: Representation of the Runway locations in the public, municipal, and county airports in Oklahoma.

Bridges 1.5mb 8/2008 All bridges currently on the Oklahoma Highway System.

Council Boundaries 0.4mb 8/2008 Boundaries of the councils of governments in Oklahoma.

County Collector 2.0mb 10/2009 Functionally Classified county roads.

County Commissioner 1.6mb 8/2008 County Commissioner District Boundaries in Oklahoma.

Counties 0.6mb 8/2008 County boundaries in Oklahoma.

Division 0.3mb 8/2008 ODOT Maintenance Division Boundaries.

Highway 2.4mb 10/2009 The Oklahoma Highway System.

House 1.1mb 8/2008 Oklahoma House of Representative District Boundaries.

Lakes 1.9mb 8/2008 Known Lakes in Oklahoma.

Major Streams 2.5mb 8/2008 Major Streams in Oklahoma.

Municipal Boundries 1.1mb 8/2008 The city limit boundaries for the incorporated cities in Oklahoma as per the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

On System Roads 3.1mb 1/2010 All hwys and other functionally classified routes in Oklahoma.

Senate District 0.6mb 8/2008 Oklahoma Senate District Boundaries.

Tribal District 1.7mb 8/2008 Tribal Jurisdiction Boundaries in Oklahoma.

Urban Areas 0.2mb 8/2008 Urban Area Transportation adjusted Boundaries as per 2000 Census.

Urban Functional Class 1.1mb 10/2009 Urban Functionally Classified Roads.

US Congressional District 0.3mb 8/2008 Oklahoma US Congressional District Boundaries.

All 22.1mb 8/2008 All layers listed above.

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