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ODOT Nuclear Gauge Emergency Procedures

    In case of an emergency involving a gauge, the approved worker has been instructed to:

  • Protect human life first, then property, from damage due to a radiation or non-radiation incident.
  • If an ambulance is called or the patient is taken to a local hospital inform the emergency responders that the patient may be contaminated with a radioactive material.
  • Stop any vehicle that may have been involved in the incident.
  • Barricade the area fifteen (15) to twenty-five (25) feet in all directions. Keep other people away from the barricaded area.
  • Remain upwind and outside the contaminated area.
  • Immediately call or send someone to notify the RSO, who will notify all the proper authorities.
  • Obtain all names of personnel, location, and any other important information.

Immediately notify the RSO at 405-522-4189 or 405-625-4146, if a gauge has been stolen or lost.

Dosimeter Request, Transfer and Deactivation/Termination Forms

    Please use the Dosimeter Request Form when ordering a dosimeter for an employee. A certificate of their Nuclear Safety and Hazmat training will need to be sent along with the request. The RSO will sign the certificates and return.

    Please use the Dosimeter Badge Transfer Form when an employee is transferring to another Residency. That employee may take their dosimeter with them but this form will need to be sent at the time of the transfer.

    Please use the Dosimeter Badge Deactivation/Termination Form when an employee is leaving employment with ODOT. This form can also be used when an employee is away on active duty.

    If you have any questions or need additional information, please call 405-522-4189 or email me LHawkins@ODOT.org