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The Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Bridge Design Squad has had an office at The University of Oklahoma since 1986. Over the years, approximately 80 students have been employed at the OU/Bridge Design Squad.

In this position, students develop proposed bridge plans using engineering practices along with MicroStation. Following guidelines set by the ODOT, students learn the process of preparing a set of bridge plans. Additionally, students will be involved with computing bridge geometry and pay item quantities, entering bridge data tracking information, preparing Corps Permit requests, and assisting designers and the Project Engineer as needed.

Position Requirements:

  • Provide an academic certification letter.
  • Maintain classroom performance requirements established by OU at its College of Civil Engineering
  • Maintain full-time, undergraduate student status in the fall and spring semesters (i.e., take at least twelve semester hours) within the Civil Engineering curriculum [checksheets.ou.edu/civil.pdf]
  • Thirty (30) transferable hours (already completed) within the Civil Engineering curriculum
  • Employment is year round: during the fall, spring and summer
  • Work twenty (20) hours per week. (May opt to work up to 40 hours/week in the summer and during school breaks.)
  • Provide a class schedule at the start of each semester and a transcript at the end of each semester


 ODOT Bridge Design Squad
 The University of Oklahoma
 Engineering Lab
 200 Felgar Street
 Room 144


 Contact Ann Simon at ODOT.

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