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Q: Who can participate?
A: AAH groups must have at least two people to participate in the program, but there is no maximum limit on the number of volunteers. The minimum age is 11 years old, and there is no maximum age.

Q: How long do we commit to clean?
A: Groups adopt at least a two-mile stretch of highway for a minimum of two years. At the end of the two-year period, the group can renew their commitment to the AAH program or withdraw. When a group drops, its sign is removed from the stretch of highway or a temporary "up for adoption" sticker is placed over the group’s name on the sign.

Q: Can I adopt a particular stretch of highway?
A: Each ODOT field division has a record of the highways available for adoption. The AAH coordinator will know if the particular stretch of highway your group would like to adopt is available. If not, they will help you select an alternate site.

Q: How do I get bags and vests?
A: Orange safety vests and trash bags are available to AAH groups from the DOT maintenance yard in each county. For the location of the maintenance yard in your area, contact the Beautification Office, (405) 521-4037, or your DOT field division AAH coordinator.

Q: Can I adopt a city street?
A: Some cities have Adopt-A-Street programs, but it varies by city. City streets can not be adopted through the AAH program.

Q: Why should I adopt a stretch of highway?
A: Each year Oklahoma DOT spends more than $3.5 million to pick up litter on our highways. The AAH program not only reduces the cost, but also helps convince the participants and other community members not to litter. Nothing gets the anti-litter message across more effectively than personally picking it up. Also, the signs remind travelers to not litter.

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